Program Overview

Program Overview

Panels at a glance

Evening Reception - NOVEMBER 29

The conference starts with a festive reception on Wednesday, November 29, 2023, in the „Ovalhalle“ of the MuseumsQuartier. This event marks the initial opportunity for bilateral and multilateral discussions among participants and delegates. Additionally, throughout the conference, „Barocke Suite B“ (side room of the conference venue) is available for further bilateral and multilateral conversations.

Informal Session on the Conference Declaration and HROP - NOVEMBER 30

In this session participants have the opportunity to participate in an open discussion on the current state of affairs and the different positions in the debate on the rights of older persons. The chairman will collect different remarks and statements and structure them accordingly. In order to facilitate the collection of individual contributions and to guide the discussion in an interest-oriented direction, the participants of the conference have the opportunity to address their inputs via the event app Slido. Thus, all conference participants can be actively involved in the setting of the substantive topics of the discussion

Panel 1: Rights, challenges and solutions for older persons - NOVEMBER 30

This Panel is dedicated to discuss and present issues related to two primary themes in the current discourse on the human rights of older persons. The first theme focuses on questions surrounding the „fragmented protection of older persons in the current human rights framework“. The second theme is oriented towards finding solutions for „living together in the age of digitalization, the lessons of COVID-19 and the implementation of the SDGs“

Key areas of interest and discussion will include:

  • OHCHR Study Update on normative gaps in the human rights protection of older persons
  • The work and networking of the COFacilitators of the OEWGA
  • Human Rights Council in Geneva (substantial work from Geneva)
  • Age discrimination
  • Social disadvantage due to COVID19
  • Digital Society
  • Right to information through digital media
  • Infrastructural gaps (urban & rural divide, residential and care facilities)
  • Social Development Goals

Panel 2: Ageing in the digital age: Rights, realities and responsibilities - DECEMBER 01

Panel 2 takes the focus at political decision-makers, state representatives, and the appointed co-facilitators of the Open Ended Working Group on Ageing. The panel aims to collect best practice models and discuss their advantages and obstacles. The use of the event app Slido is recommended during the panel session in order to obtain and collect important questions, remarks and statements. Panellists have the option to directly respond to the input and/or take issues further to the final discussion round following this panel.

Adoption of the Conference Declaration & Conference Closing - DECEMBER 01

The final discussion will combine the results of the two panels and identify common denominators, which will be included in the conference declaration. The declaration will support the understanding of the participants to adapt measures in respect of human rights of older persons. The issues raised at the ICHRoP 2023, as well as the conference declaration shall therefore be a guiding light in the discussions at the UN - Open Ended Working Group on Aging and similar international groups, organizations or meetings. A draft declaration will be presented at the beginning of the session, which should be finalized together. The use of the event app Slido is recommended during the final session in order to obtain and collect important questions, remarks and statements.

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