Documents and Presentations


PANEL 1: Robotics & Automation – Implications for Human Rights

  1. PDF icon  Opportunities for the digital age in the context of ageing - Sandra Huenchuan - EN
  2. PDF icon  The Importance of New Technologies for Older Persons and Family Caregivers in Germany - Matthias von Schwanenflügel - EN
  3. PDF icon  Robots as Helpers - Markus Vincze - EN
  4. PDF icon   Technical enpowerment and humanitarian care - Pang Tao - EN
  5. PDF icon  The ESRC Human Rights, Big Data and Technology Project - Lorna McGregor - EN
  6. PDF icon  Why Adaptability, Affordability, and Autonomy are Important Considerations for Rehabilitation Robots and Assistive Technology for 21st Century Older Adults? - Michelle Johnson - EN
  7. PDF icon  World Economic and Social Survey 2018 - Amal Abou Rafeh - EN


Panel 2: A lifelong learning process – Digitalization & Education

  1. PDF icon   Human Rights, lifelong learning, digitalisation and education - Ken Bluestone - EN
  2. PDF icon  Technology, human interactions and dementia Feel the difference? - Linda Garcia - EN
  3. PDF icon  The Benefits of Learning in Later Life - Franz Kolland - EN
  4. PDF icon  Lifelong education and digital training for the elderly in France - Alexis Rinckenbach - EN
  5. PDF icon  Digitalization & Education: Right of Access to Information and Lifelong Education of Older Persons in Korea - Hong Jae Im - EN
  6. PDF icon  Older Persons and very advanced technologies - Dirk Jarré - EN
  7. PDF icon  Artificial Intolerance and Digital Dignity: Older Persons, Human Rights and New Technologies for Education - Craig Mokhiber - EN