Herr Ken Bluestone

Mr. Ken Bluestone, Chair of the Global Alliance on the Rights of Older People

Bluestone Ken

Chair of the Global Alliance on the Rights of Older People
Vereinigtes Königreich

Mr. Ken Bluestone is the Chair of the Global Alliance for the Rights of Older People. He is also Head of Policy and Influencing for Age International, a UK-based NGO working to help older people in low and middle-income countries. As the UK member of the HelpAge global network, Age International supports a range of development and humanitarian work in Africa, Asia, the Middle East and Eastern Europe. Ken has worked for Age International for 10 years, sits on the Steering Committee for the Bond SDG Group, and is on the Board of Directors of CommonAge. Ken has worked in policy and influencing with NGOs over the past 20 years on a wide range of issues including: ageing & development, human rights, water and sanitation, HIV&AIDS, corporate social responsibility, and food sovereignty. His current work focuses on older women’s economic empowerment, ensuring the implementation of the SDGs includes older people, and achieving a human rights convention for older people.


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